Single Coil Spring Seals: custom design single coil spring seals at globe seal. We are prime manufacturer & supplier of single coil spring seals in India.

We provide the specially designed GSS – 151 and GSS – 156 series of seals for the various industrial applications. It is an internal mounted unbalanced single coil spring seal, driven by the clutch. The seal contains drive ring and drive collar. If spring clogged, the rotary will be drive reliably. The motion transmits by the shaft to springs, drive by the rotary. The seals are mounted internally.

All parts of the single coil springs are the interchangeable. We can convert the series GSS – 151 to GSS – 156 by changing the secondary seal and dynamic ring. It is an ideal principle for the stock rationalization.

The seal has its wide applications in various industries. It is used in petrochemicals, general chemicals, dirty water and slurry and in petroleum refineries.