Series : MB61 & MB66

Metal Bellow Seals Manufacturer, Metal Bellow Seals Supplier.

Metal Bellow Seals - specialist of metal bellow seals manufacturer and supplier in India. Metal bellow seals are best for high temperature applications.

Being one of the top most manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the various types of mechanical seals, we provide the metal bellow seal made of high quality raw material.

We have specially designed and fabricated the MB61 and MB66 series of welded metal bellow seals, for moderate temperature/pressure and high temperature/moderate pressure. The metal bellow seals are proven ideal for the high temperature and high corrosive application. These bellow seals are fabricated by welding a series of diaphragms together at the edges to form a bellows unit.

The metal bellows seals are used in the place of the spring and provide the flexibility to the seal. The seal is available as rubber o-ring and grafoil to use at extremely high temperature.