We fabricate and provide the wide range of high quality elastomer bellow seals for the various industrial applications. We have designed the various types of elastomer bellow seals for the varied applications like GSE – 103 RB 43, GSE – 103 RB EB, GSE – 103 RB 1, GSE – 193 RB 42, GSE – 103 RB 73, GSE – 103 AND RB 1A.

The GS 103 RB is specially designed for the sealing purpose. It is very easy to install and remove. It contains unique rubber bellow secondary seal. It’s the wear type of seal and is providing a high degree of axial flexibility. It compensates the lack of concentricity of the shaft. Elastomer bellow seals also compensates the alignment of the shaft. The driving torque does not transmit through the coil spring. The seal can be used regardless of directions. The rubber bellows fitted on the shaft.. The unique rubber bellow enhances the driving force.