Series : B91/CG & B901/CG

Cartridge Seals Manufacturer and Cartridge Seals Supplier.

Cartridge Seals – we are tagged as the top manufacturer and supplier of quality cartridge seals. We offer cartridge seals for any industrial application.

We are tagged as the major manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the high quality cartridge seals, made of the best quality raw material. It is highly demanded in many industries.

We manufacture and export the high quality cartridge seals. We are a major supplier of the mechanical seals like cartridge seals. We have designed and developed the series of B91/CG and B901/CG of the cartridge seals. It is specially designed for the various applications of the industries like chemical and petrochemical. The cartridge seals have its vast usage for syrup, water, oil, slurries, sludges and other chemicals at low and high pressure pumps. We have developed the single and double arrangement to suit the application.